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Things the Nursing Schools would like you Not Find Out About...

Posted by hospitalhunny200 on September 1, 2009 at 12:50 PM

Unless you are aware of your options when navigating through the various choices, nursing schools can be sincerely horrifying. When you talk with a recruiter, bear in mind that there are 3 central approaches to a nursing school education.

Option One. Normal College.

While this might help you realize your goals, there are some There are some awfuly real difficulties to keep in mind when considering a typical college, although this process will help you to realize your goal. Here are some:

Scheduling classes two-three times per week will not fit with your work calendar. Only a few individuals can afford to leave their profession to attend school full-time.
You have got to pass an entrance test. You may not feel up to this after being out of school for so long.
Most colleges and universitiess have lists for their nursing programs, and these are as a rule about 3 years.
Most colleges need you to attend a 16 to 18 week clinical skills demonstration, working without pay at local surgeries.
The cost of tuition is costly. Most nursing programs take a minimum of 2 years to finish and can have tuition rates at $15,000 to $27,000 per year of learning.

Option two. Home-based learning RN Bridge Program.

Distance learning RN Bridge Programs will also assist you in achieving your goal. This method gets rid of the list and the clinical rotation. At the same time, they usually cost less than a standard program and give you the flexibility needed to keep your full-time job. But again, there are some terribly real obstructions the distance learning RN Bridge Program supporters will not tell you about :

A dearth of academic support. What do you do if you have a query about a medicine dosage you cannot figure out? You really have no-one to turn to for help.
Structure is missing. What's attractive to the majority is the suppleness that comes with a home-based distance learning RN Bridge Program. Every remote learning RN Bridge Program promoter that offers an LPN to RN program lets you study at home, at your own pace, without any guidance for study schedules.
In preference to using traditional textbooks, you'll be given manuals designed to cover the same material. These tutorials are usually written by well-informed teachers from major colleges? Yet?

This strategy has some major issues. Imagine you signed up to a remote learning RN Bridge Program. Do you know the odds are higher the manuals wind up in the back of your cabinet than open on your kitchen table or desk? Do you know the ordinary time-frame for a home based distance learning RN Bridge Program learner to finish a course - persons that actually start - is seven months?

What causes this?

As it's not a methodical process for you. There are no reminders at hand to tell you to cram , take practice quizzes to test your learning, or arrange your exam. Keeping an eye on your education is entirely up to you. So what do you do if something doesn't make sense? Before too long, you are annoyed and the books wind up in the back of your cabinet.

Option 3: The Blended Learning Program Solution.

If you want to finish those RN courses you have to have support and a methodical process for finishing them effectively.

That is where the Blended Learning Program Solution comes in. In a Blended Learning Program, you will find the best of the traditional school and distance learning RN Bridge Programs approaches, WITHOUT the pitfalls. BTW : while there are numerous such programs around the country, there is a great LPN to RN Program in Nashville, TN. Here's what you can look forward to:

Structure: Classes meet once per week, for four hours at a time, and you are provided a planned learning schedule to go by.
Responsibility: Professors check your advancement weekly, quantify your results through quizzes and tests, as well as give guidance and modify techniques as important to promise your victory.
Consideration: Blended learning professors are invested in your success. An individualized academic plan is prepared for each new student, with weekly follow-up to assure you remain on track. Consideration: The teachers of a blended learning program would like for you to suceed. Each learner recieves their own personalized academic plan, with follow-up on a weekly basis to ensure that you are staying on track.
No clinical section is necessary: Your LPN, paramedic or respiratory therapist license immediately qualifies you for the program.
All professors in the Blended Learning program hold pros or Doctorates in their areas.
Encouragement: As one says, success breeds success.
Students will be excited that they're completing their courses fruitfully and at a rapid pace.
Brisk Progress: Many Blendeded Learning courses are finished in as little as a month, instead of the common sixteen-twenty week semester.
No Wait Time For Admission: With a two to three year waiting list at most colleges, you'll be completed and working as an RN before you would've been admited to a conventional program.
Lower cost: You'll find that the cost of a Blended Learning program is about 1/3 - 1/2 of the standard college program.
A range of fee choices: While you are not a RN yet, making the'big money', the classic Blended Learning program guarantees financing should you need it, as well as a selection of payment options. You are guaranteed an option is obtainable to fit your situation, even if you do not have the very best credit. The Nashville Nursing Schools facility offers a variety of options you just won't find anyplace else.

And if you're shy about returning to class after so many years or be afflicted by test hysteria, the Blended Learning Centers teach you a novel study system to save you time and amplify your success.

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